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Onyx is a natural stone and no two slabs are the same. Browse our wide variety to choose what slab will look best in your home.

Onyx Countertops

Onyx, while beautiful, is a natural stone that you may not be familiar with. It tends to take a back seat to granite and marble, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a quality stone.

People love onyx because of its appealing looks. It’s one of the most attractive stones that you can find – it’s translucent, which makes it a truly unique centerpiece for your kitchen.

Care and Keeping of Onyx

In order to keep your onyx countertop looking as good as possible, you should avoid acidic cleaners and look for products with a neutral pH level. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning your onyx countertop. The technique that works especially well is pouring the cleaner onto the cloth, then wiping down the countertop – instead of spraying the liquid directly onto the stone.


While gorgeous, onyx is not the most durable stone out there. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s excessively vulnerable, but it should be treated with care. Since the stone is relatively brittle, it usually needs a stabilizing agent to give it more strength. It also reacts poorly to acids, which means that it should be sealed (and resealed regularly) to prevent damage.

When it comes to high temperatures, though, onyx can hold its own – even though we still recommend using a hot pad or trivet for safety.

When it comes to scratches and etchings, this type of damage occurs easily since onyx is one of the softer natural stones. Because it’s calcium-based, you should avoid spills from wine, vinegar, and fruit juice. Since it is a brittle stone, onyx is also vulnerable to chips – but those chips can be easily repaired by a homeowner with a glue and epoxy mixture.


Onyx countertops can be used outside, and they are a great asset in areas that focus more on beauty and less on functionality. For this reason, it might also be a better indoor choice in a bathroom rather than a kitchen.

Your Onyx Countertop

If they’re maintained properly, onyx countertops can last up to 100 years. If you’re interested in this unique and beautiful natural stone, contact us today for a consultation.

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